How Good Is Your Sexual Fitness?


 Sex and fitness go together like, well, sex and fitness! Test your sexual know-how with 10 true-or-false questions taken from our past online articles.


  1. True or False: An unlikely team of scientists and porn actresses banded together with a variety of vibrators to find the exact location of the fabled G-spot. After months of tedious research, the team discovered that every woman has a tiny button of pleasure located on the upper right side of the vagina.


  1. True or False: Day or night, sex is good for your health.


  1. True or False: While the male hormone testosterone boosts a man’s carnal appetite, it does nothing to increase a woman’s sex drive.


  1. True or False: Sex prevents the common cold.


  1. True or False: While body piercing may be very sexy, it can lead to serious medical complications that are not so sexy.


  1. True or False: Citizens of the United States have more sex than citizens of other nations.


  1. True or False: Hairy chests are big turn-ons for most women.


  1. True or False: When it comes to marrying and settling down, gentlemen do prefer blondes.


  1. True or False: Most women think brains are a bigger turn-on than a chiseled six-pack abdomen.


  1. True or False: Most women think abdominal muscles are the sexiest part of the male physique.



1. False. According to some science sources, the G-spot is as mythical as the lost city of Atlantis. First brought into light in the 1982 publication of The G-Spot and other Discoveries About Human Sexuality, the elusive love button has not been proven by any scientific means. Proof of its existence was based on unsubstantiated observations of 12 women. Of those, only four showed any evidence of having a G-spot. Detailed nerve studies of the vagina failed to find this orgasmic Garden of Eden. Still, many women claim to have a G-spot and that it really is a sexual “hot zone.” So, maybe science just hasn’t caught up to anecdotal experience on this issue. In any case, those who claim to have one have found it on the front wall of the vagina, not the upper right side.

2. True. Sex is good any time! Day or night, sex improves breathing and circulation, which results in bright eyes, a facial glow and shiny hair. Sex can also improve cardiovascular conditioning, strength, flexibility and muscle tone. Sex has also been known to relieve anxiety and depression, increase vitality and boost the immune system.

3. False. A study by Dr. Jan Shifren and associates at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, found that women who wore a testosterone patch had sex and masturbated more often and reported more orgasms and sexual fantasies than women not given testosterone supplements. There is a downside though. Testosterone can cause unwanted side effects such as acne, abnormal hair growth, clitoral hypertrophy (growth) and voice change. Testosterone therapy should only be attempted under the care of a physician.

4. True. According to researchers at Wilkes University, people who have sex at least twice a week have fewer colds than people who don’t have any sex. Sexual activity increases immunoglobulin A, an important antibody that helps fight disease. But too much sex can lower levels of the antibody. If you have sex more than three times a week, you may have more colds than normal.

5. True. In the clitoris, studs can cause infection, allergic reactions and growth of tough fibrous tissue and loss of sensitivity. Penis studs and rings can damage blood vessels and result in erectile problems. Tongue piercing can cause loss of taste, permanent numbness and prolonged bleeding. If you must get pierced, use only surgical grade stainless steel, 14 karat gold, or titanium and make sure the procedure is done under sterile conditions.

6. True. According to a worldwide survey by Durex condoms, Americans, averaging 124 romps a year, spank the competition. Closest runner up is New Zealand with 110 romps a year. Americans also had the highest number of sexual partners at 14 – but not all at once.

7. False. According to The Wall Street Journal, most women like smooth chests, backs and arms.

8. True. According to German sex researchers, most men want to settle down with blonde-haired women, but want to party down with brown-haired women. Some of us would respectfully disagree!

9. True. According to a study by Euro RSCG Worldwide, 65 percent of women surveyed thought intelligence was the most attractive thing about men. Only 20 percent thought physical strength was the greatest turn-on.

10. False. According to a study by Euro RSCG Worldwide, a man’s lips are the sexiest part of his body. Next is the chest and shoulders, then eyes, then butt and then hands. The body parts most men consider sexiest: Breasts. No surprise there.


How did you do?

0-3 correct: Innocent as an angel

4-6 correct: Part-time lover

7-8 correct: Sophisticated and seasoned

9-10 correct: You’ve been around the block