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Build Your Own’ Crystal Activated Water Bottles Gain In Popularity

In an exclusive interview with The City Weekly, CAW Crystal Activated Water confirmed the popularity of their ‘build your own’ crystal water bottles.

The beautiful‘build your own’ crystal water bottles allow the customer to customise their blend of crystals that they get put in the bottle. Customers choose from 6 types of crystals and come up with their own combination. 

Crystals have been used for centuries for their unique healing benefits, they are worn, used in healing sessions and also in use throughout our homes. 

Crystals let off a natural vibration and by putting crystals in water, the water is allowed to take on this vibration. Creating crystal elixirs like this has been a practice used for centuries and CAW Crystal Activated Waterhave created a way to make it safe to use and consume in our daily lives. “Safe” meaning they ensure that only crystals which are safe to use in water are included in their range, as its worth noting that not all crystals are safe to use in water.

PennyTsiklas, Founder of CAW Crystal Activated Water told The City Weekly that, “Our attendance at the recent Mind Body Spirit festival highlighted how the awareness of crystal water was really gathering momentum. Our talks with attendees on setting an intention whilst filling the bottle is strongly recommended, referring to the very powerful ‘Emoto’ study and it was great to see how positively they responded. The ability to personally customise the bottle they purchase was embraced by attendees also.”

To learn more about CAW Crystal Activated Water and the range of products they sell online, including the their ‘build your own’ crystal water bottles, visit their website here: http://cawlife.com/

About CAW Crystal Activated Water

CAW Crystal Activated Water is a Sydney based Australia online retailer of Crystal Activated Water Bottles and are stocked in boutique stores throughout Australia.

They also have a wide range of other crystal related products ideal for the discerning consumer as well as gifts for that someone special. These include amethyst bottle stoppers, rose quartz coasters, crystal face rollers and wands.  

They have a special running up to Mother’s Day with all beautifully packaged Crystal Activated Waterbottles on sale for just $99 when using the discount code CAWLIFE

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