Kate’s Picks: My 15 Favorite Winter Essentials


Now, I have an opinion when it comes to buying clothes, that’s for sure. But most often I look to my friends to point me in the right direction. I go to Dahlia for interesting pieces that make me feel powerful both inside and out, and to the two most stylish Madelines I know (Furlong and Nachbar) on what the trends to try and of which to pass. Each of us has that friend we rely on when it comes to making specific clothing purchases and I’ve recently realized that I might be that person for a lot of you when it comes to dressing for the cold. Every year, just like clockwork, I find myself digging out my favorite coats, gloves, scarves, and sweaters that have served me well for years. They make getting dressed and going out into the cold an enjoyable feat because dressing for the weather makes all the difference. Lately, there have been so many good winter accessories and must-haves that I’ve stumbled across, that I felt compelled to compile a couple pieces I’ve been eyeing for you. I love that you can combine almost any combo of the below items to create a cohesive style, and when worn together, you feel cozy, classic, and polished. What winter essentials are you lusting after this season?

A couple notes on the items I pulled above!

  1. My friend Eric Dayton recently introduced me to the winter apparel brand The Arrivals and I’m very intrigued by the women’s offerings. Cool Scandinavian style, functional details, plus they’ve covered their bases in fashion-forward trends that look great while keeping you warm.
  2. Blundstones with a heel! These are on my bucket list for this winter season. I love that they look polished enough to wear with trousers yet built for the elements. One of my biggest annoyances about Minnesota winters is finding a boot that can keep your feet dry through the slush and don’t require you to pack a second pair of shoes.
  3. If you live up in the snowy parts of the world and want to go a little less practical with your choice for gloves, please consider these lovely long leather gloves.
  4. For all the nostalgia I have for Abercrombie, I was excited to find a few pieces that I like! I think they’ll be a brand you want to watch to snag some well-design affordable casual pieces.
  5. Yes, I have knee-high leather boots in here for those of you who are dressing for colder weather but don’t have to worry about salt and snow! (sorry, northerners!)
  6. I get a ton of compliments on a huge gray sweater I wear almost weekly in my IG stories which is no longer available, so I’ve included one here from Mango that has a similar fit.
  7. Sorel makes great winter boots that don’t look too chunky. I’m a fan.
  8. I’m also a huge fan of going with long duster coats on top of lots of layers and a big scarf. This one from H&M has a great shearling look to it and goes with just about anything in your closet.
  9. Hestra gloves have been my go-to mittens for years now. They last and last and last and are totally worth the steepish price tag.
  10. Sheerline denim jackets are a great way to break out of your winter weather rut while not freezing your bum off.
  11. Don’t overthink it when it comes to scarves. A great color, like this tomato red one, makes a simple coat look tres chic.
  12. Everyone has beanies, so why not add a different hat style to your rotation? I love the look of this twist beanie… great for girls who aren’t into rocking a beret but want a different silhouette when going out on a winter night.
  13. Super cute boots!! I’ve not seen a style like this one before but I love the silhouette and that they have a cool technical yet retro look.
  14. My number one styling hack: add a fur collar to any coat and you could probably get away with wearing PJs just about anywhere. As long as you don’t have to take it off. But hey, some of you could pull off that look, no doubt!!!

row one:

Halstrøm IV Parka          Blundstone Chelsea Boot         & Other Stories Long Gloves

row two:

Pom Knit Beanie         Knee High Leather Boots        Mango Turtle Neck

row three:

Sorel Tofino Boots         A&F Snap-Up Fleece         H&M Long Pile Coat

row four:

Hestra Freja Wool Mitten        Maje Lined Denim Jacket         & Other Stories Oversized Scarf

row five:

& Other Stories Twist Beanie         & Other Stories Snow Boots       Zayra Shearling Scarf